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Counterflow Distribution Assembly

Assembly of the entire system requires only a few simple hand tools. All connections are positive—yet the design allows repeated disassembly and reassembly. Nozzles are installed in pairs—each supply pipe serving multiple pairs of nozzles. Multiple nozzle pairs per supply pipe mean larger pipe spacing and, therefore, lower installed cost than most other systems. The adaptor allows nozzle spacing on 3’-0” centers.

Counterflow  Distribution

HC Crossflow Valves

HC valve body proportions and the arrangement of internal parts provide a low discharge velocity and confine splash, resulting in low pressure drop. The valve closure disc has a machined lip which closes on a heavy neoprene gasket, avoiding maintenance of expensive metal seats. In a shutoff position, the stem and yoke are external to the water, eliminating the necessity of valve stem packing.

HC Valve

Make-Up Water Float Valves

Designed specifically for cooling tower duty, Marley make-up water float valves provide long life with little maintenance. Typically, valves are available in complete kits which include valve, float arm and float in kits to fit a specific application.

makeup valve

NS Counterflow Nozzles

The orifice sizes (1"-3 1/2") of Marley NS nozzles are large enough that many competitive nozzles will actually fit inside a Marley nozzle. Marley counterflow nozzles have no internal parts or narrow passageways. The attached diffusion ring will not retain even fibrous debris.

NS Nozzle

NX Crossflow Nozzle

The Marley NX nozzle is used only on splash-fill crossflow towers where objects in the water supply create blockage in smaller nozzles. NX nozzles are injection-molded, highimpact black polypropylene. Each nozzle is a single assembly with no moving parts.

nx nozzle

Spiral-Target Crossflow Nozzles

The Marley Spiral Target nozzle is an injection molded polypropylene unit consisting of two parts—the main body with integral target diffuser and a snap-on insert or orifice cap. 

st nozzle

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